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TV Wall mounting and Home Cinema installation in Cornwall

It’s been around 15 years since flat screen TV’s came into the mass market and even back in the early days of Plasma screens it was common place to have them mounted on a wall rather than on a conventional TV stand. With more modern LCD, LED and OLED TV’s getting larger and larger it’s becoming more of a necessity to have the TV mounted to both maximise the space in the room and also be more Aesthetically appealing.

Here in cornwall there are a number of applications where wall mounting your TV is something you should seriously consider, not only to maximise the look of the TV but also to protect it from damage.

  • Wall mounted TV’s are far less likely to suffer breakages, most of these happen from falling off TV stands and items hitting the screen. Having the TV mounted on the wall hugely reduces the risk of this happening, especially when you have children and pets in the house.
  • Done right a wall mounted LED TV can really be a focal point in a room, whether it a large TV in a lounge or a smaller TV in a bedroom.  No matter what type of TV we install we always ensure there are NO visible cables!
  • Improve picture quality, it sounds crazy but wall mounting a TV can actually improve the picture quality!  Alot of LCD screens need to be viewed at just the right height and angle to get the best results, this is most noticeable on TV’s in bedrooms when viewing from in bed.
  • TV wall mounting is also a great idea for holiday rental properties in Cornwall, both to maximise space in smaller properties but also keeps screens safe from accidental damage.

It’s not only TV’s that can be mounted but also sound bars and speakers, this not only looks great but removes the need for bulky AV units near the TV.

TV wall mounting is also a great idea if you own a cottage or smaller property in Cornwall, having your TV on the wall can free up masses of floor space and make even the smallest room seem bigger!


If you want your TV wall mounted give me a call on 07391774068 or send a message via the Digital Solutions facebook page.


I cover all of Cornwall and into Devon, wall mounting all TV’s of any size from small 15″ screens up to some of the latest monster 75″+ screens!


Have a look at the TV & AV page of the website for more photos.

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