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55″ Samsung Curved 4K TV wall mount Installation.

Nice clean install in a new build property in Truro of a 55″ samsung curved 4K TV, Sonos playbar, Sky HD and Bluray player.

This was quite a challenging installation due to the location of where the TV was to be mounted and where the sky box and bluray player were situated, nothing we couldn’t overcome though and done without a single cable on show!

Cables were routed behind the plasterboard wall and then across to the a/v unit in the corner. Additional HDMI cables were also run in to future proof the installation.

As part of the installation we also installed a Sky dish which utilised the cabling that was pre-wired by the builder. This is something that is often overlooked, Sky’s engineers will usually not use these cables and carry out a surface mount installation instead. I’ve seen it before where all sky had to do was run approx 5 mtrs of cable into a loft but instead customers are left with 20-30mtr cables routes running around or through their property!

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