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Freeview TV aerial installations in Cornwall.

Here at digital solutions we have all the latest test and installation equipment to ensure every job we undertake offers you the best possible signal in your area.

There is a lot involved in an aerial installation and having the correct tools to align the aerial is especially important. Almost on a daily basis we get called to installations which have been carried out by other companies to resolve ongoing signal issue.

These issues range from missing channels to poor signal in adverse weather conditions, customers often live with these problems as they just assume it’s because they live in a weak signal area etc.

Most jobs that we attend end up having a number of small installation faults which add up to a larger overall problem, these faults include;

  • Poorly aligned aerial- Weak signal on certain channels etc.
  • Installation carried out without 4G filter in strong 4G area.
  • Aerial aligned to local transmitter instead of a main transmitter, this means you only receive around 20 channels instead of 100+ Freeview channels!
  • Poor connections, poor quality equipment and sockets.
  • Weak signal fed into a splitter rather than a distribution amplifier.
  • Amplifiers installed when not needed resulting in too high signal levels. This often produces the same fault symptoms as weak signal!

With over 18 years in the industry we have the skill to solve even the most complex of faults, no matter if it’s a domestic aerial or large scale MATV system in a hotel or holiday park, Digital Solutions are ready to help!



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